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At Ramsey Custom Homes, LLC, we believe that a house is not truly a home unless the needs, wants and personality of its owner shine through. From lot selection to final walk-through, we will guide the home owner every step of the way. Never will they feel left out of the process. Each detail, no matter how small, is no less important than the next. If the home we build doesn’t fit people’s lifestyles like a glove, then our job is not finished.

To that end, Harold Ramsey himself works one-on-one with customers in order to get to know in intimate detail their dream home. He and his designer will work with you on every feature of the house, as well as provide immediate responses to all of your questions and address any concerns. No matter what feature is desired, we will see to it that it becomes incorporated into the final design.

Ramsey Custom Homes have a 10 Year Home Warranty Available!! 

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Ramsey Custom Homes LLC
6754 SW Aylesbury Rd.   
Topeka, KS 66610  
Cell: (785) 640-7156

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Topeka Home Builders Assoc.

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Email: HRamsey@RamseyCustomHomes.com

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